Gracie (2007)

Released : 2012
Genres : Biography, Drama, Sport
Director : Davis Guggenheim
Stars/Cast : Jesse Lee Soffer as Johnny Bowen, Christopher Shand as Kyle Rhodes, Carly Schroeder as Grace Bowen, Karl Girolamo as Curt, Vasilios Mantagas as Craig, Donny Gray as Donny, Emma Bell as Kate Dorset, Dermot Mulroney as Bryan Bowen, Hunter Schroeder as Mike Bowen, Trevor Heins as Daniel Bowen, Josh Caras as Peter Wicker (as Joshua Caras), Elisabeth Shue as Lindsay Bowen, Madison Arnold as Granddad, John Doman as Coach Colasanti, Andrew Shue as Coach Owen Clark, Laila Liliana Garro as Jena Walpen (as Julia Garro), Karl Schellscheidt as Referee Jay Gavitt, James Biberi as Officer Sal Famulari, Lou Sumrall as Greasy Bouncer, Peter McRobbie as Principal Enright, Chris Heuisler as Rob, Charles Jack Walker as Adam, C.C. Loveheart as Bowsher`s Assistant, Leslie Lyles as Chairwoman Connie Bowsher, Tashya Valdevit as Maryellen Connors, Jay Patterson as Boardmember Rice, Brian Smiar as Boardmember Fitzpatrick, Robens Jerome as Rodney, Dan Metcalfe as Kingston Coach, Teddy Van Beuren as Columbia Player, Gustavo Mora as Columbia Player, Scott Gahagan as Columbia Player, Jeffrey Kaplan as Columbia Player, Hugo Lourenco as Columbia Player, Kyle Devesty as Columbia Player, Erik Studnicky as Kingston Player, Bogdan `Dan` Protas as Kingston Player, John Rhodes as Kingston Player, Derek Swanner as Kingston Player, Michael Dean as Kingston Player, Mike Giacopelli as Kingston Player, Victor Kotynski as Kingston Player, Phil Swenda as Kingston Player, Steve DeLuca as Kingston Player, Tom Dzianda as Kingston Player, Deer as Kingston Player, Goran Matlijoski as Kingston Player, Tom Mustac as Kingston Player , Casey Cipriani as Funeral Attendee, Scott Conner as Columbia Player, Amy Dannenmueller as Cheerleader, Dwayne Duprey as Goalkeeper, Michael Galante as Club Goer, Jennifer Gargano as Columbia Cheerleader, Max Hlubik as Columbia Player, Amanda Pennington as Columbia Cheerleader, Alison Rood as Field Hockey Player, James Schram as Dancer, Jacob White as Soccer Spectator, Tony Zane as Kingston
Countries : USA
Story : A little adolescent faces an unacceptable war as soon as she fights to cave in grown-ups the chance to fiddle competitive soccer.
This is the fairy-tale of a small adult noted Gracie Bowen, who lives inside South Orange, New Jersey, is gaga close to soccer, since are her three brothers as at any rate as previous soccer famous person father. Although Gracie wishes to converge her brothers as at any rate as father inside the nightly practices, she is frustrated by all and sundry other than her elder brother, Johnny. Her father pulls off not deem that girls should play around soccer as at any rate as tells her that she is neither difficult sufficient nor talented sufficient to play around in addition to the boys team. Undeterred, Gracie finds supplies of force she under no circumstances knew existed, as at any rate as persists inside shifting everyone`s perceptions inside anything she is older of, plus her own. She faces an out of the question fight while she fights to collapse gentlemen the break to play around competitive soccer. But since the pretty as at any rate as robust individual that she has for all time been except she similarly brings her categorization mutually inside the face expression of their own tragedy.