Seven Africans (2012)

Released : 2012
Genres : Drama, News
Director : Tes Noah Asfaw
Stars/Cast : Edmund Dehn as Anthony, Andrew Alston as Interviewer, Gunter W├╝rger as Hans, Tova Leigh as Alison, Matt Warman as Gagan
Countries : UK
Story : In the eighteen life given that Renewed World was commenced its four founders undergo been enjoyed oneself the globe…
In the eighteen life because Renewed World was set out to its four founders experience been had a party the universe excess of given that creating environmentalism the dear of Wall Street. Tomorrow their shareholders will elapse an historic plan that will defy the booming black trades inside seven African realms and an incentivized provision of commercial aid. However, the moral sense of one in every of the founders has wedged and him. His dead nights experience been sleepless; his guilt reaches deep. For he knows Renewed World`s actions experience under no circumstances been altogether altruistic.