Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

Released : 2012
Genres : Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Director : Steve Pink
Stars/Cast : John Cusack as Adam, Clark Duke as Jacob, Craig Robinson as Nick, Rob Corddry as Lou, Sebastian Stan as Blaine, Lyndsy Fonseca as Jenny, Crispin Glover as Phil, Chevy Chase as Repairman, Charlie McDermott as Chaz, Lizzy Caplan as April, Collette Wolfe as Kelly, Aliu Oyofo as Young Nick, Jake Rose as Young Adam, Brook Bennett as Young Lou, Crystal Lowe as Zoe, Jessica ParĂ© as Tara, Kellee Stewart as Courtney, Julia Maxwell as Lucy, Geoff Gustafson as Dr. Jeff, Austin Warren as Nick`s Band Member, Adam Sabla as Nick`s Band Member, Jocelyn C. Waugh as Nick`s Band Member, Curtis Santiago as Nick`s Band Member, Ryan Guldemond as Nick`s Band Member, Jeremy Page as Nick`s Band Member, Anthony Dallas as Nick`s Band Member, Odessa Rojen as Young Courtney, Viv Leacock as Courtney`s Dad, Jamie Switch as Massive Cell Phone Guy, Chad Garner as `Poison` Tribute Band – Unskinny Bop, Donald McDonald as `Poison` Tribute Band – Unskinny Bop (as Donald MacDonald), Chad MacDonald as `Poison` Tribute Band – Unskinny Bop, Anthony Pagni as `Poison` Tribute Band – Unskinny Bop, Blaine Anderson as MC, Michael Roberds as Manager, Daren A. Herbert as Receptionist, Megan Holmes as `Where`s the Beef` Girl, Ecstasia Sanders as Girl at Club, Edward Ruttle as Beer Luge Guy, Heathcliffe Scaddan as Beer Luge Guy, Peter Wilson as Beer Luge Guy, Brent Lister as Blaine`s Crony, Lars Anderson as Blaine`s Crony, Paul Dzenkiw as Blaine`s Crony, Rhys Williams as Blaine`s Crony, Amy Esterle as Hot Tub Girl, Natalia Dawn as Hot Tub Girl, Ava Leemet as Candy Girl, Willy Lavendel as Fancy Ski Guy, Crystal Tisiga as Fancy Ski Girl, Marie West as Winterfest Bartender, Josh Heald as Terry, William Zabka as Rick , Diora Baird as Betting Man`s Wife, Jacob Blair as Gunnar, Lynda Boyd as Adam`s Secretary, Cole Carson as Guy in Kodiak Restroom, Ian Duffy as Partier, Amber Hay as Vince Nail`s Video Girl, Eli Jane as Hot Tub Girl, Rob LaBelle as Stewart, Thomas Lennon as Customer, Eddie Murphy as Himself, Eduardo Noda as Concert goer, Keith Roenke as Kodiak Club Guy, Adrienne Rusk as Kodiak Club Girl, Kenny Smith II as Nick`s Band / 2nd Drummer, Robert Wu as Mr. Wang
Countries : USA
Story : A malfunctioning stretch apparatus at a ski resort eliminates a lady muck inside with to 1986 as well as his two friends furthermore nephew, where they must look back a fateful middle of the night furthermore not adapt what on earth to ensure the nephew is born.
Three friends on trailing streaks: Adam, whose lover dumped him, Nick, in addition to a dead-end vocation in addition to a cheating wife, in addition to Lou, a suicidal alcoholic. To support Lou convalesce bask in car-exhaust poisoning, Adam in addition to Nick, in addition to Adam`s nephew Jacob, go away to a frost resort that was their ancient go on a spree place. It`s at present a dump, nevertheless the lads rally because a nighttime of drinking inside the warm tub. Somehow, the warm tub takes out one another serve to 1986, on a fateful nighttime because each of them. Maybe if they do the entirety the similar habit they made ready that night, they`ll draw serve to the drawing near thence Jacob might engagement born. There are solemn temptations to do stuffs differently. Will they be along serve to their apologetic lives? And whatever close to Jacob?

Forty-somethings Adam Yates, Nick Webber plus Lou Dorchen undergo been friends as they were teenagers, plus even if they undergo each other`s conversation information, they, for adults, don`t resembling to accompany self now, plus frequently brush aside specifically Lou`s tries to take inside touch. Their lives haven`t rotated out incredibly well. Adam, who wishes to engagement inside love, has only been acrimoniously dumped by the most recent inside a protracted round of girlfriends. His twenty-three every year of age nephew, Jacob, lives inside his basement as Jacob`s remaining mother, Adam`s female relative Kelly, is a deadbeat. Nick just one and only occasion suffered a promising musical career, except falled in that unsleeping for the raison d’être that his lady Courtney, who styles the family. Nick at this time move inside a insensitive absolute profession inside a doggie spa. And Lou lives a reckless vitality for an overgrown adolescent. Because of an mishap which nearly takes out Lou`s vitality – which the authorities think about was an tried suicide regardless of Lou`s denials – Adam, Nick plus Jacob plan to sum up Lou to a break weekend to Kodiak Valley, a ski resort the three friends frequently frequented at assorted the rostrum in better off stretches inside their life. The resort has noticed enhanced days. But they`re ecstatic that they contend with to dig up the matching hotel cell they suffered twenty-four time before at assorted the rostrum in Winterfest `86. After acquiring a cave in inside the blistering tub inside their room, they miraculously fan the flames of do a person a excellent turn to that Winterfest along furthermore the entirety the data of their titillating lives. The one and only human being who gives the look to discern what`s occurring is the blistering tub upkeep man, who implies that they have to be compelled to new version their lives on that 1986 Winterfest break therefore for not to modify the materializing previous they may engagement sent boost to the present. That premonition is certain eminent to Jacob, who believes that any correct to their frame will upshot inside him not individual born. But Adam, Nick plus Lou undergo hitches adhering to various of the less ecstatic opportunities of that vacation. But if adhering to what on earth they completed inside 1986 won`t correct the future, they may perhaps advance to the realization that creating some alters may perhaps upshot inside a enhanced vitality for the raison d’être that one another than the originally span around, the consequences engagement damned.