Easy A (2010)

Released : 2012
Genres : Comedy, Romance
Director : Will Gluck
Stars/Cast : Emma Stone as Olive, Penn Badgley as Woodchuck Todd, Amanda Bynes as Marianne, Dan Byrd as Brandon, Thomas Haden Church as Mr. Griffith, Patricia Clarkson as Rosemary, Cam Gigandet as Micah, Lisa Kudrow as Mrs. Griffith, Malcolm McDowell as Principal Gibbons, Aly Michalka as Rhiannon, Stanley Tucci as Dill, Fred Armisen as Pastor, Juliette Goglia as Eighth Grade Olive, Jake Sandvig as Anson, Morgan Rusler as Mr. Abernathy, Nikki Tyler-Flynn as Mrs. Abernathy, Braeden Lemasters as Eighth Grade Kid, Mahaley Manning as Nina (as Mahaley Hessam), Jameson Moss as Evan, Blake Hood as Kennedy Peters-Booth, Bryce Clyde Jenkins as Chip, Neil Soni as Zia, Stacey Travis as Marianne`s Mom, Bonnie Burroughs as Micah`s Mom, Eddie Applegate as Micah`s Grandfather, Norma Michaels as Micah`s Grandmother, Yolanda Snowball as Receptionist, Andrew Fleming as Doctor, Johanna Braddy as Melody Bostic, David Gore as Pre-Teen Kid, Lalaine as Gossipy Girl, D`Anthony Palms as Josh Wisniewski (as D`Anthony Wayne Palms), Ryan Parker as Kurt, Rawson Marshall Thurber as Quiznos Guy (as Rawson Thurber), Chris De Lorenzo as Spectator In The Gym, Jillian Johnston as Server, Nancy Karr as Singing Server, Clay Black as Singing Server, Bradley Charles Etheridge as Singing Server (as Brad Etheridge), Veerta Motiani as Singing Server, Michael Strauss as Singing Server, Lance Kerfuffle as Clerk, Drew Koles as Boy, Max Crumm as Pontius, Jeremiah Hu as Judas, Jessica Jann as Jezebel, Danni Katz as Harlot, Jason Kropik as Mortimer , Julianne Celeste as Gossip Girl Jogger, Seth Donavan as High School Student, Zack Kennedy as Mr. Gleason, Bobby C. King as Man Watching Skateboarders, Johnny Ruddell as Drama Student, Micah Van Hove as Stoner
Countries : USA
Story : A clean-cut exorbitant kind student relies on the school`s anecdote mill to approach her social also monetary standing.
After alittle ashen lie just about down her virginity gets out, a crystalline hack exorbitant grading missy sees her continuation paralleling Hester Prynne`s inside "The Scarlet Letter," which she is of late learning inside grading – in anticipation of she decides to mechanism the anecdote mill to appearance her social also economic standing.

High categorization student Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone) finds herself the victim of her school`s "rumor mill" once she lies to her succor Rhiannon (Alyson Michalka) just about a weekend rendezvous also a absent college freshman. Word at once spreads of Olive`s promiscuity and, a lot of to her surprise, she welcomes the attention. When she consents to assist a bullied buddy by pretending to slumber also him, her representation quickly degrades to a numerous lascivious insistence with her real world begins to flick out of control. As she helps numerous with numerous of her classmates with her lies stretch to escalate, Olive must think of an oddity to except face expression prior to the school`s religious enthusiast Marianne (Amanda Bynes) gets her expelled with she loses an endeavor at getting her own happiness.

In California, the virgin student Olive Penderghast feels unfamiliar inside the pricey heading where she studies. When her ally Rhiannon invites her to assign the weekend and her family, Olive lies as anyways as tells that she will withstand a date and a nonexistent area college student. On the afterwards Monday, Rhiannon behave to the bathroom and Olive as anyways as asks how her stumble upon was as anyways as Olive lies, recounting that she neglected her virginity inside the weekend and her fictitious boyfriend. However, solitary heading buddy overhears their dialogue as anyways as spreads the gossip close to Olive`s promiscuity. The religious fan Marianne blames her as anyways as out of the blue. Olive becomes a contentious student. Meanwhile, Olive is finding out "The Scarlet Letter" inside the English variety as anyways as she identifies herself such as Hester Prynne, the woman condemned by her Puritan neighbors inside Nathaniel Hawthorne`s novel. Olive discloses the the complete story to her bullied gay buddy Brandon as anyways as advises him to similarly lie that he more responsible slept and a girl. Brandon asks Olive to cooperate with him as anyways as she pretends to withstand sexual intercourse and him inside a party. Then variant outcast boys confer to pay Olive to better their sneaking suspicions spilt second Olive`s standing degrades. When Olive loses manipulate of the situation, she calls for to obtain an disposition to revert it.