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Searching for Life (2014)

Released : 2014
Genres : Drama
Director : Malcolm Brooks
Stars/Cast : Carl Windom as Sean McCoy , Miracle Aaliyah Reigns as Rose McCoy , Michael Monteiro as Robert McCoy , Paige Annette as Tonya , Alex Mervin as Ralph Smith , James Sjurson as Bobby the Cowboy (as James Severson) , Lynn Tynan as Miriam Kaplansky , Alfred Ordunez as Tom , Justin Foster as more...

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  • Filed under: Drama
  • Take Me to Dinner (2014)

    Released : 2014
    Genres : Drama, Mystery
    Director : Gavin Yap
    Stars/Cast : Patrick Teoh as Edward , Susan Lankester as Jeniffer , Kah Hong Thor as Manny , Ben Tan as Teddy , U-En Ng as Hamm , Michael Chen as Elijah , Jia Wei Loo as Sara , Kin Wah Chew as Allan , Na'a Murad as Bartender Directed by Gavin Yap    Gavin Yap  writerProduced by more...

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  • Filed under: Drama, Mystery
  • Around Here (2014)

    Released : 2014
    Genres : Drama, Sci-Fi
    Director : Tim Sparks
    Stars/Cast : Brittany Horn as Una, Nathan Camp as Shane Mitchell, Sean Michael Gloria as Jeff Brady, Matt Albright as Thomas Ward Directed by Tim Sparks    Tim Sparks Produced by Adrian Bain as. associate producer Spencer Daniel Cross as. producer Elyse Fagan as. associate producer more...

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  • Filed under: Drama, Sci-Fi
  • Burning Calcutta (2014)

    Released : 2014
    Genres : Biography, Drama
    Director : Kajal Choudhury
    Stars/Cast : Supurna Malakar as Rimita, Marion as Charlot, Matthew as Jean, Marion Ossent as Charlotte, Rohit as Rohit, Matthew Rutherford as Jean Yves, Supurna as Rimita Directed by Kajal Choudhury    Kajal Choudhury Produced by Kajal Choudhury as. producer Iledio Delgado as. more...

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  • Filed under: Biography, Drama
  • My Father, Mi Padre (2014)

    Released : 2014
    Genres : Drama, Family, Romance
    Director : Thomas Rodriguez
    Stars/Cast : Orfelina de Leon as Brandi (rumored) , George Fernandez as Ramon , Veronica Viruet Simpson as Anna other cast: , Sharon Oliphant as Christina, Karen Chimato as Kara Barington Directed by Thomas Rodriguez    Thomas Rodriguez  writerThomas more...

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  • Filed under: Drama, Family, Romance
  • Nursery Rhyme (2014)

    Released : 2014
    Genres : Crime, Drama, Thriller
    Director : Edward Sanchez
    Stars/Cast : Janet Tracy Keijser as Mary Hubbard , Shanta Payne as Diana other cast: , Ali Williams as Charlotte, J.P. Giuliotti as Husband, Matthew Fling as Milo, Jaime Gerth as Darrell, David Pettine as Daddy, Bruce Cole-Edwards as Beau, Sandi Milne as Sally, Byron Vasquez Jr. as Javier more...

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  • Filed under: Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • My Perfect Gentleman (2014)

    Released : 2014
    Genres : Drama
    Director : Justin P. Wayoro
    Stars/Cast :
    Countries : USA
    Story : Learn how one and only lady aims to take for a attribute out of poverty behind he was one in every of the wealthiest persons inside town… more...

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  • Filed under: Drama
  • Don't Open Your Eyes (2014)

    Released : 2014
    Genres : Drama, Horror
    Director : Dmitry Yun
    Stars/Cast : Tom Kemnitz Jr. as John , Gergana Mellin as Agnes (rumored) , Jamie Carroll as Annie (rumored) , Travis Cox as Caretaker (rumored) Directed by Dmitry Yun (attached)   Dmitry Yun  written byProduced by Christopher Salisbury as. producer Dmitry Yun as. executive producer more...

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  • Filed under: Drama, Horror
  • Cenizas bajo el mar (2014)

    Released : 2014
    Genres : Drama, Romance
    Director : Salvador Sáinz
    Stars/Cast : Eva María Milara as Irene , Salvador Sáinz as Jorge , Gerard Toldrá as Javier , Analía Ivars as Narradora , Sara Gazulla as Doctora Cano , Celia Sáinz as Niña , Stan Valen as Joven Directed by Salvador Sáinz    Salvador more...

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  • Filed under: Drama, Romance
  • Ice Cream (2014/II)

    Released : 2014
    Genres : Comedy, Drama
    Director : Saba Riazi
    Stars/Cast : Saba Riazi Directed by Saba Riazi    Saba Riazi  writerProduced by Saba Riazi as. executive producer Saba Riazi as. producer  Cinematography by Rodin Hamidi   Film Editing by Kristen Swanbeck    Additional Details Parents Guide:Add content more...

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  • Filed under: Comedy, Drama
  • Heart of Glass (2014)

    Released : 2014
    Genres : Crime, Drama, Mystery
    Director : James Martinez
    Stars/Cast : Kathryn Timm as Jamie Quinn , Michael Szendrey as Ryan Miller , Michael William Hunter as Kamen Scott , Jared Payne as Michael Lambert , Shannon Monroe as Claire Tompkins , James Martinez as Daniel Thomas , Daniels Calvin as Dana Webber , Karl Glick as William Lee Wright more...

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  • Filed under: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • The Archive (2014)

    Released : 2014
    Genres : Drama, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi
    Director : Ethan Spigland
    Stars/Cast : Ana Asensio as Ana , Josh Mendelow as Cliff , Paolo Pagliacolo as Vincent , Nova Mejia as Opal , Miwa Cogez as Attendant other cast: , Orli Hersch as Opal's daughter, Keith R. Higgons as Keith Directed by Ethan Spigland    Andrew Nahem  more...

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  • Filed under: Drama, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi
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