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Nomadic Childhoods (2014)

Year : 2015
Genres : Adventure, Drama, Family
Director : Christophe Boula
Countries : France | Russia | Mongolia | India
Story : 3 stories, 3 countries. Tibet, Mongolia, Siberia. Nomad adolescents fill a adversarial real world in addition to their desires plus their dreams. At chief more...

Space Captain: Captain of Space! (2014)

Year : 2015
Genres : Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Countries : USA
Story : The evil King Xayno of the Planet Argor is through his Gravity-Ray to accident the moon into Earth! Our major expect is Rocky Lazer… more...

Max Adventures: Magilika (2014)

Year : 2015
Genres : Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Director : Jerry Ching
Countries : Singapore
Story : screenplay not found more...

Return to the Emerald City (2015)

Year : 2015
Genres : Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Director : Aleksey Andrianov
Countries : USA | Russia
Story : Meet Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, plus Cowardly Lion admire you've by no means known each other before. more...

Of Fortune and Gold (2015)

Year : 2015
Genres : Adventure
Director : Jared Marshall
Countries : USA
Story : Ryder, Vince, Mai, plus Seneca: four millennials on a mannerism trip-quest because gold across the Southwest…. more...

Honey Jar (2015)

Year : 2015
Genres : Adventure, Drama
Director : Ken Del Conte
Countries : USA
Story : An Olympian runner endeavors to deem his drive ended subsistence over again behind a spiteful motorized vehicle accident. Along the drive he encounters two especially matchless women who adapt his more...

Year Zero (2015/II)

Year : 2015
Genres : Adventure, Drama
Director : Brendan Moriarty
Countries : Cambodia
Story : The terrifying narrative of a improper person aiming to deem his listing inside the home of Cambodia inside the 70s throughout the Khmer Rouge genocide. more...

Sandra Munt's Adventure (2015)

Year : 2015
Genres : Adventure, Horror, Mystery
Director : Rubén Arnaiz
Countries : Spain
Story : Spain, 1933. Sandra Munt plus her pal Elsa voyage the globe searching for a freakish plus mystical book. But the two friends will facial features the Nazis, a covert group plus a Mysterious more...

Kaleidoscope Man (2015)

Year : 2015
Genres : Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Director : Simon Cox
Countries : UK | France
Story : screenplay not found more...

Well Wishes (2015)

Year : 2015
Genres : Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Director : Anderson Boyd
Countries : USA
Story : Having mislaid his work on a coin jostle a risqu more...

ETXR (2014)

Year : 2015
Genres : Adventure, Music, Sci-Fi
Director : Trevor Sands
Countries : USA
Story : Bix the Bug is a DJ who comes into possession of a Teslascope — Nikola Tesla's legendary invention, which he claims was skilled of taking insignia loves Extra Terrestrial worlds. more...

Captain Sabertooth and the Treasure of Lama Rama (2014)

Year : 2015
Genres : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family
Countries : Norway
Story : The orphan boy Pinky follows the Captain on an adventurous plus hazardous glide across the huge oceans to the realm of Lama Rama, seeking because a care for plus the reply to who is Pinky's father. more...