Totally Baked: A Pot-U-Mentary (2007)

Released : 2012
Genres : Action, Comedy, Crime, Fantasy, News
Director : Lee Abbott
Stars/Cast : John Oates as Himself (Segment “Reunion Party”), Thomas Lyons as Dave Bertman (Segment “Reunion Party”), Craig Shoemaker as arrator (Segment “Reunion Party”), Heather Sossaman as Gina Marie (Segment “Reunion Party”), Chris Dollard as Gizmo Gouda (Segment “Reunion Party”), Kelly Perine as Skip (Segment “Reunion Party”), Michelle Stafford as Ex-wife Jessica (Segment “Reunion Party”), Dale Midkiff as Doug (Segment “Reunion Party”), Sharon Amos as Stephanie (Segment “Reunion Party”), Brooke Hasalton as Debater Judith (Segment “Reunion Party”), Dennis Luciani as Debater `Hula` (Segment “Reunion Party”), Jayden Lund as Debater Maurice (Segment “Reunion Party”), Rich Hardesty as Debater Rich (Segment “Reunion Party”), Dale Dudley as Debater `Noid` (Segment “Reunion Party”), Bob Fonseca as Debater Bob (Segment “Reunion Party”), Michael Ralph as Debater Steve (Segment “Reunion Party”), Lola Davidson as Stripper Barbie (Segment “Reunion Party”), Blossom Thorndike as Stripper Candie (Segment “Reunion Party”), Daisy Tormé as News Reporter(Segment “Reunion Party”) (as Daisy Torme), Masha Zeeva as Sister Mary (Segment “Reunion Party”), Christy Patrick as Sister Maria (Segment “Reunion Party”) / Martha`s Daughter (Segment “Mudslingers”), Gregg Buskett as Lone Pot Activist (Segment “Reunion Party”), Matt Armor as Robbie “Rock Cock” (Segment “Reunion Party”), Jesse Rambis as Gina`s Guy Nick (Segment “Reunion Party”), Sean Wise as Gina`s Guy #2 (Segment “Reunion Party”), Josh Megdell as Background Cop (Segment “Reunion Party”), Shaun Thomas as Background Cop #2 (Segment “Reunion Party”), Ari Rutenberg as Street `John` (Segment “Reunion Party”), Brandon Conners as Pizza Delivery Guy (Segment “Reunion Party”), Charlie Hodge as Debater Charlie (Segment “Reunion Party”), Jiazi Wang as `Pot-Tub` Chick (Segment “Reunion Party”) / Asian Hot Babe (Segment “FunOnion Boardroom”), Steve Hytner as Hack Murphy (Segment “Mudslingers”), Roma Maffia as Dr. Willa Peterson (Segment “Mudslingers”), Tim Bagley as Rusty Polten (Segment “Mudslingers”), Elizabeth Hayden as Martha Hallworth (Segment “Mudslingers”), Rustam Branaman as Producer (Segment “Mudslingers”), Ivar Brogger as Reverend Finkle (Segment “Mudslingers”), Michael Oden as Producer Daryl (Segment “Mudslingers”), Stephen Tobolowsky as Jesco Rollins (Segment “American Farmer”), Lilli Passero as Jesco`s Teen Daughter (Segment “American Farmer”), Justin Shoemaker as Jesco`s Young Boy (Segment “American Farmer”), Izabella Passero as Jesco`s Young Daughter (Segment “American Farmer”), Daniel Buskett as Jesco`s Son (Segment “American Farmer”), Max Weinberger as Farm Hand #1 (Segment “American Farmer”), James Fraijo as Farm Hand #2 (Segment “American Farmer”) / DEA Man Meat #7(Segment “Cooking with Martha”), William Atherton as Mr. Lyle Funonion (Segment “FunOnion Boardroom”), Danny Nucci as Arturo Goldman (Segment “FunOnion Boardroom”), Dave Erickson as Board Member Jack (Segment “FunOnion Boardroom”), Tim Stearns as Board Member Sanderson (Segment “FunOnion Boardroom”), Sara Ballantine as Board Member Sherri (Segment “FunOnion Boardroom”), Eric Lawson as Board Member James (Segment “FunOnion Boardroom”), James Kiriyama-Lem as Asian Board Member (Segment “FunOnion Boardroom”) (as James Lem), Ralph Ting as Moustachio (Segment “FunOnion Boardroom”) / Darren (Segment “Diff`rent Tokes”), Ant as Reginald Stevens (Segment “Smoke Pot not C**k”), Jordan Garrett as Stanley (Boy #1) (Segment “Smoke Pot not C**k”), Adam Cagley as Johnny (Boy #2) (Segment “Smoke Pot not C**k”), Tom Spague as Bible Belt Father (Segment “Smoke Pot not C**k”), Jeri Zucchi as Bible Belt Mother (Segment “Smoke Pot not C**k”), Jeffery Passero as Dee-Wayne (Segment “Smoke Pot not C**k”), Lee Abbott as Director (Segment “Smoke Pot not C**k”), Ellis Williams as Dad (Segment “Diff`rent Tokes”), Marsha Clark as First Lady Swanson (Segment “Diff`rent Tokes”), Craig X. Rubin as Pro Pot Advocate (Segment “Diff`rent Tokes”), Kane Richaud as Mikey (Segment “Diff`rent Tokes”) (as Kane Richotte), Trevor Duke-Moretz as Todd (Segment “Diff`rent Tokes”) (as Trevor Duke), Mark Thompson as Secret Service Agent #1 (Segment “Diff`rent Tokes”), Brian Phelps as Secret Service Agent #2 (Segment “Diff`rent Tokes”), Alonzo Bodden as Johnny Buskett (Segment “Way Inside Sports”), Jerry Penacoli as Thomas (Segment “Way Inside Sports”), Marianne Curan as Martha (Segment “Cooking with Martha”), Jason Allen as DEA Man Meat #1 (Segment “Cooking with Martha”), Mark Bowen as DEA Man Meat #2 (Segment “Cooking with Martha”), Mark Gaiero as DEA Man Meat #3 (Segment “Cooking with Martha”), Samuel Helder as DEA Man Meat #4 (Segment “Cooking with Martha”), Andrew Lerch as DEA Man Meat #5 (Segment “Cooking with Martha”) (as Andrew J. Lerch), Charles Randolph as DEA Man Meat #6 (Segment “Cooking with Martha”), Vikrum Shah as Ajmal (Segment “Fundamentalist Girls Gone Wild”) (as Vikrum Shaw), Nick Thompson as Ali (Segment “Fundamentalist Girls Gone Wild”), Michelle Alexandria as Burka Woman #1 (Segment “Fundamentalist Girls Gone Wild”), Maria Petros as Burka Woman #2 (Segment “Fundamentalist Girls Gone Wild”), Shelly Skhal as Burka Woman #3 (Segment “Fundamentalist Girls Gone Wild”), Beverly Polcyn as Sweet Granny (Segment “Granny Bust”), La Monde Byrd as DEA Agent #1 (Segment “Granny Bust”), Ingo Neuhaus as DEA Agent #2 (Segment “Granny Bust”), Kenneth Kels as DEA Agent #3 (Segment “Granny Bust”), Patrick Gough as DEA Agent #4 (Segment “Granny Bust”), John Reynolds as DEA Agent #5 (Segment “Granny Bust”), Mike Prochaska as DEA Agent #6 (Segment “Granny Bust”), Ric Smith as Meth-Head Itchy (Segment “Granny Bust”), John Santos as Meth-Head Scratchy (Segment “Granny Bust”), James Branaman as Yuppie Golfer (Segment “Pfot by Phrizer”), John Hasekian as Yuppie Accountant (Segment “Pfot by Phrizer”), Alex Cox as Yuppie Businessman (Segment “Pfot by Phrizer”), Lucas Cox as Yuppie Todd (Segment “Pfot by Phrizer”), Jamie Ford as Yuppie Heidi (Segment “Pfot by Phrizer”), Frank Kramer as Yuppie Randy (Segment “Pfot by Phrizer”), Kip Weeks as Bill (Stoner #1) (Segment “Chillin` on the Couch”), Alex Rodruquez as Matt – Stoner #2 (Segment “Chillin` on the Couch”), Adam Gropman as Government Spokesman (Segment “Anti-Pot”), Domenick Dicce as Nervous Dater (Segment “Anti-Pot”), Robert Miles as Count Smokula (Segment “Anti-Pot”) (as Count Smokula), Doug Benson as Himself – Comedian, Mark Cohen as Himself – Comedian, Dan Gabriel as Himself – Comedian, Jason Gillearn as Himself – Comedian, Al Madrigal as Himself – Comedian, Jackie Martling as Himself – Comedian, Henry Phillips as Himself – Comedian, Tom Rhodes as Himself – Comedian, Jasper Redd as Himself – Comedian, Rick Overton as Himself – Street Interview, Ron Shock as Himself – Comedian, Mike Saccone as Himself – Street Interview, Stanley Ullman as Himself – Street Interview, Dana Eagle as Herself – Street Interview, Karl Bender as Himself – Street Interview, Jenny Wells as Herself – Street Interview, Jamie Hogan as Herself – Street Interview, Alana Sands as Herself – Street Interview, Kevin Sands as Himself – Street Interview, Harvey Zane as Himself – Street Interview, Flip Schultz as Himself – Street Interview, Jared Shoemaker as Himself – Street Interview , Franklyn Ajaye as Himself, Misa Doi as Bystander
Countries : USA
Story : Meet Dave Bertman, a tightly upset 37 year-old father of one. Bertman`s “higher” training begins when…
Meet Dave Bertman, a tightly ache 37 year-old father of one. Bertman`s "higher" instruction begins while curative marijuana activists wielding "loaded" weapons bring to an end a methodized reunion grill in addition to college dispute chums. When his teen female child Gina Marie abruptly arrives in addition to a common valued inside her pocket, Bertman assumes the worst. Only succeeding he faces his own hypocrisies, may perhaps he undergo the open in addition to frank tête-à-tête wanted given that father in addition to female child to work out one another in addition to reconnect. Meanwhile, Bertman`s guy¸ man debaters shed their inhibitions in addition to style their own self-discoveries. Tired of coming across her grass-roots campaigns sabotaged by enterprises opposing legalization, pro-pot advocate, Dr. Willa Peterson decides the infant gloves are taking place off. By true to life the Fun-0nion snack nutrition realm their sales could skyrocket if marijuana was legal, Peterson enlists their business may to save someone’s bacon her cause. It will receive a fundamental selling cause to revise the drive America thinks concerning marijuana, in addition to PR guru, Arturo Goldman, of the well known PR bureau Goldman, Goldberg, Goldstein, in addition to Goldman comes wakeful in addition to one. "If they may perhaps fashion terrorists to persuade people at large out of smoking pot, subsequently we may perhaps fashion homosexuality to scare stiff each other save someone’s bacon into it." The romp that follows vegetation paranoid Bible thumpers scrambling to capture their tykes exorbitant to cut short perceived homosexual tendencies. "Totally Baked" eliminates a satirical cross-check marijuana`s stereotypes in addition to mythologies through a collection of "Man on the Street" truthful documentary method interviews, mirthful insights by live stand-up comedians, in addition to a train of associated vignettes spoofing both sides of the radical dispute excess of the legalization of marijuana.