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Gurudakshina (2014)

Released : 2014
Genres : Drama
Director : Kiran Phadnis
Stars/Cast : Girish Karnad, Sulagna Panigrahi, Rajeev Pillai, Rajesh Shringarpure, Rupa Ganguly Directed by Kiran Phadnis    Kiran Phadnis Produced by Aayush Phadnis as. producer Tushar Radhakisan Tupe as. executive producer more...

Why I Don't Date (2014)

Released : 2014
Genres : Comedy, Drama, Romance
Director : Christopher W. Hurst
Stars/Cast : Bethany Aline as Dianne, Miriam Arenas as Salsa dancer at Chris' Jazz Café, Balkas L. Berry as Julius' date at the house, Naimah Beyah as Patron at Chris' Jazz Café, Dorden Bivings as more...

My 2 (2014)

Released : 2014
Genres : Drama, Romance
Director : Slobodanka Radun
Stars/Cast : Jana Plodková as Ema , Ondrej Nosálek as Tony other cast: , Adam Misík, Ondrej Malý, Ludek Sobota as Ema's father, Ivan Lupták, Jirí Vyorálek, Václav Havelka, Milena more...

Hadron (2014)

Released : 2014
Genres : Sci-Fi
Director : Bill Hutchens
Stars/Cast :
Countries : UK
Story : As human race battles swarms of flesh-eating bugs, a youth damsel is constraint to maintain the flood along furthermore her younger sister, furthermore discovers powers of her own that more...

Big Top Evil (2014)

Released : 2014
Genres : Horror
Stars/Cast : Bill Moseley as Mr. Kharver, J. LaRose as Settler Village Owner, Steve Warren as Lesser Clown, Austin Graham as Candy, Shawn Genther as Lesser Clown / Drunk, Jisaura Cardinale as Casey (as Jisaura Cardinali), Sarah Huffine as Intro Victim, Keith Fouche as Lesser Clown, more...

Predatory Moon (2014)

Released : 2014
Genres : Horror
Director : Shiva Rodriguez
Stars/Cast : Chris Morrissey as Kyle Reading , Jonathan Foster as Dean Clout , D. Duckie Rodriguez as Joey Ambrose , Tracy Anderson as Kimberly Clout , Lowrie Fawley as Louise Clout , Jeffrey Crisp as Sheriff Boris McKinny , Melissa more...

Hatali Yazilim (2014)

Released : 2014
Genres : Comedy
Director : Deneme
Stars/Cast : Suat as Suat, Murat as Murat, Burak as Burak Directed by Deneme    Additional Details Parents Guide:Add content advisory for parents Country:TurkeyLanguage:Turkish
Countries : Turkey
Story : more...

Holt (2014)

Released : 2014
Genres : Thriller
Director : Scott Mannion
Stars/Cast :
Countries : Australia
Story : 1967, the Cold War. In the years ahead of his mystifying disappearance, Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt strives to quell RED hysteria by boxing voltage fancy an desperate more...

No Such Thing as Monsters (2014)

Released : 2014
Genres : feature film
Stars/Cast :
Countries : Germany, USA, East Asia
Story : screenplay not found more...

Leo John Ain't Dead No More (2014)

Released : 2014
Genres : Drama
Director : Jim Harkins
Stars/Cast : Kayle Blogna as Maggie Riley, Lauren A. Kennedy as Sela, Linda Elizabeth as Carol, Richard Brundage as Leo John Strong Sr., Bill Dougherty as Don, Patrick Shane as Lee Strong Jr., John Farnworth as Charlie, Susan Slotoroff as Nurse Directed more...

Satanicus (2014)

Released : 2014
Genres : Horror
Director : Creep Creepersin
Stars/Cast : Anne Montavon as Zoe , Naoyuki Ikeda as Gargor , Leslie Simms as Mother , Charlie Vaughn as The Good Doctor other cast: , Dawna Lee Heising as Donna, Elina Madison as Nicola, Rachel Riley, Katarina Leigh Waters as Victim, more...

The Long Short (2014)

Released : 2014
Genres : Drama, Fantasy, Thriller
Director : Shabazz Ray
Stars/Cast : Darko Alexandar as Gabriel, Vance Allen as Guy at door, Valdi Belton as Marcus, Jimmy Brooks as Shawn Ray, William Day as Young Man, Tjasa Ferme as She Devil, Catherine Anne Gale as Donna's Mom, Joe Gillen as more...